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Our History

Smith Seeds Ltd was established in 1990 by the late Ross Smith and eldest son Grant after early research identified a market specializing in contract seed production. Smith Seeds decided to travel abroad, but particularly to Asia to obtain orders and request clients to forward their stock seeds to New Zealand where they could be produced in ideal conditions and the resultant crop shipped back to them. Now Smith Seeds multiply and export to all corners of the world.

Close relationships have been formed over the years and repeat business continues year after year. Travel is important to continue the almost family like relationship that has been built up over the years. A few years later they were joined by another family member, second son Michael. Alas cancer finally took Michael’s life.

The exporting of seeds is 96% of Smith Seeds total sales. Service and information sharing has been important with an extensive software computer program that assists in providing regular crop reports at regular intervals along with digital photographs. Smith Seeds aim is to ensure that their customers are as informed as they are about the progress of their crops.  

Our Agronomist Team

Our professional agronomists are the life blood of our seed production unit. Their practical experience and a determination to ensure the best possible results provides our clients with real confidence.The reports our Agronomists provide mean that you know at all stages of the growing cycle, what is happening with your crops. Their relationship with Farmers is built on expertise, trust and respect. By working as a team, we can ensure you get the best results possible.