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About Premium Peas

On the 12th March 2008 we became a licence holder to one of the world’s leading developer, producer and marketer of peas.  Smiths Seeds Ltd, formed a strategic alliance to create greater long-term value for pea customers in the Australia and New Zealand region.  This alliance gave Smith Seeds exclusive rights to produce and sell pea varieties in Australia and New Zealand under this license.  It was at this time that a subsidiary of Smith Seeds, Premium Peas was established to ensure that the importance of these seed products, were given the focus required.

The value of Premium Peas representing current and new pea varieties in New Zealand and Australia is very important for end customers as improved yield and disease resistant varieties continue to become available. The culture established by Smith Seeds of always striving to provide growers and customers alike with the best quality has been carried over into Premium Peas and ensures that quality, consistency, quantity and timely production is always at its best.

Premium Peas – The Seed

The variety of seeds for multiplication are all well-bred, well developed and have a consistent time to maturity. What this means for our clients is that they process well. The quality of the
seed ensures consistency in size with low reject rate, little loss and a good strong colour. They also have good disease resistance.

Premium Pea Growers

The relationship between our growers and our agronomists is a critical part of the excellent results we are able to achieve. Read more about our growers here…